What is a Workplace Adjustment or Inclusion Passport?

A workplace adjustment passport, also known as an inclusion passport or reasonable adjustment passport, is a personalised document that safely records any agreed workplace adjustments an employee may need to perform at their best. 

Reasonable adjustments are alterations that employers must (under the Equality Act 2010) make to remove or reduce disadvantages related to an employee’s disability. They can range from ergonomic workstation upgrades for employees suffering from arthritis to voice dictation software or screen readers for those with visual or auditory impairments.

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Organisations must legally provide reasonable employee adjustments to ensure everybody has the potential to perform at their best at work. 

A workplace inclusion passport supports open conversations around disabilities, health conditions, neurodivergence, or personal circumstances that could impact an employee’s work experience.

What are the Benefits?

Using ClearTalents’ user-friendly DEI (diversity, equality, and inclusion) software, employees can share how any circumstances or conditions impact them at work in their workplace passport.

The ClearTalents DEI platform then notifies line managers or HR professionals of the most proactive ways to make accommodations at work for each individual. 

Employees and managers alike have found that our software:

  • Facilitates solution-based discussions on workplace adjustments.
  • Serves as a record of agreed reasonable adjustments to be implemented.
  • Provides detailed DEI analytics for managers to make informed changes.
  • Ensures adjustments are portable when an employee changes roles or managers.
  • Helps start important conversations around less visible conditions like anxiety or stress.
  • Fosters a more inclusive, cognizant culture that embraces employees with neurodivergent traits such as ADHD or autism.
ClearTalents has been a brilliant resource enabling us to track and support colleagues with reasonable adjustments in a simple way. Ollie Thorn, Senior Manager, DE&I Solutions

ClearTalents’ DEI Software

ClearTalents provides a user-friendly DEI software platform that streamlines the workplace accommodation passport process for both employees and employers. 

Employees can securely create and update up to three workplace adjustment profiles, two of which are workstation-based (for both home and office locations), while the first is their inclusion passport. The profile will present questions pertaining to limitations, circumstances, conditions, and any necessary workplace changes.

12 billion working days lost every year to depression and anxiety

This information seamlessly flows to the appropriate managers and HR teams who are then entrusted to respond and facilitate any necessary changes. Managers may, in a very small percentage of cases, need to seek advice from Occupational Health, Access to Work or an outsourced HR organisation before certain adjustments can be agreed and made.

By removing barriers and providing legally reasonable adjustments under the Equality Act 2010, employers can attract, support, and retain diverse talent across disabilities, neurodivergences, health conditions, and personal circumstances.

Slide showing benefits of ClearTalents including increase productivity and retention, tracking reasonable adjustments, D&I reporting and attracting diverse talent


As well as advice about Reasonable Adjustments does the software provide any other benefits?

Yes, in addition to facilitating workplace adjustments, ClearTalents’ software covers mental health considerations workplace safety guidance, a Display Screen Equipment (DSE) assessment, and an optional bullying or harassment module. Organisations using ClearTalents find it reduces sickness absence, staff turnover, compromise agreements, and employment tribunals.

Will employees be prepared to complete this passport?

Employees perceive ClearTalents as a supportive, relevant tool that provides valuable insights, all within just a few minutes. Completion rates range from 70% up to 98% in some companies.

Will ClearTalents work with our existing systems and processes?

Yes, ClearTalents seamlessly integrates with your current HR and occupational health, processes. We have a range of implementation options.

Will it result in many claims and unrealistic expectations?

ClearTalents makes it clear to employees that while their employer aims to be as supportive as possible, any solutions provided must be reasonable and realistic. Employees are encouraged to work proactively with managers to implement sensible adjustments. This distributed approach requires little escalation, central management, or budget.

We are a large employer with many varied stakeholders, how do we ensure the right people get the right level of information?

During setup, you can customise reporting levels to specify exactly who receives what information and when. ClearTalents will advise you on managing this access control to suit your organisation’s unique needs for different stakeholders.

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