Elevate Your DEI Recruitment Strategy

From our perspective, inclusive recruitment starts from the moment you advertise a vacancy. Many candidates will require reasonable adjustments to help them perform at their best, and with DEI at the heart of your recruitment strategy, you can create a workplace that empowers and champions them.

ClearTalents DEI software and guidance can help you build a diverse talent pipeline and eliminate unconscious bias throughout the hiring journey. With our help, you can confidently select the best people for the job based on qualities and merit alone and free from any irrelevant biases like the person’s age, gender, disability, or race.

14.6 million disabled people in the UK, 21% of them are of working age

Our platform provides a suite of powerful tools to support your DEI initiatives:

  • Tailored recommendations for the recruitment team based on the candidates’ circumstances that will allow them to perform at their best. This helps ensure fair and equal opportunities for all applicants to showcase their qualities and abilities.
  • Seamless integration with your existing recruitment processes, ensuring reasonable adjustments are identified, communicated, and implemented smoothly from pre-application to onboarding.
  • User-friendly dashboards to measure the progress of every candidate and adjustment, with practical advice provided by ClearTalents to influence and optimise your inclusive hiring strategy.
36% of British adults report having experienced some form of discrimination in the workplace or when job hunting. HR News.

Ensure Equal Opportunities for All Candidates

By focusing on reasonable workplace adjustments rather than disabilities or impairments, ClearTalents’ approach fosters a fair and inclusive evaluation of all candidates.

Employers that demonstrate inclusive philosophies are more likely to be seen as fair and progressive by the diverse, multicultural society they’re a part of.

We recognise that unconscious biases exist in all environments, and our approach helps shift the emphasis from bias to each candidate’s unique talents and requirements.

This not only creates a more equitable experience for candidates but also helps your organisation maintain compliance with relevant employment laws and regulations like the Equality Act 2010.

Widen your talent pool; Demonstrate a commitment to D&I; Enhance your brand reputation; Give candidates a better experience; Encourage a more diverse workforce; Create a more inclusive culture

Partner with ClearTalents for Inclusive Hiring

Often, it’s a case where small, incremental changes in recruitment and onboarding make the biggest difference. Enhancing your hiring practices to be more diverse, equitable, and inclusive is a journey – but one that can unlock immense value for your business. 

Contact us today to learn how ClearTalents can revolutionise your approach to hiring and unlock the power of a truly inclusive workforce.

Glassdoor’s Diversity and Inclusion workplace survey found 76% of job seekers consider a diverse workforce important when evaluating companies and considering job offers

Inclusive Recruitment FAQs

Will ClearTalents ensure compliance with the Equality Act 2010?

ClearTalents goes beyond basic compliance, empowering you to implement best practices for diversity and inclusion. We help you proactively address all nine protected characteristics under the Equality Act, ensuring relevant adjustments are identified and implemented seamlessly. Our reports enable HR, diversity, and wellbeing teams to monitor, manage and address all types of issues.

As well as advice on reasonable adjustments, does ClearTalents provide any other benefits?

In addition to supporting physical and cognitive needs, our platform covers mental health, workplace safety, and optional modules for addressing bullying and harassment. Clients find ClearTalents reduces sickness, staff turnover, compromise agreements and costly tribunal disputes.

Will employees and candidates be prepared to complete this questionnaire?

Our research shows high engagement, with employee profile completion often exceeding 70% and reaching 98% in some organisations, with over 60% in recruitment. Candidates appreciate the opportunity to share their needs in a supportive manner. We are proud to say that ClearTalents is viewed as a valuable tool that fosters trust and inclusivity among employees and employers sector-wide.

Will ClearTalents work with our existing ATS system and processes?

Yes, ClearTalents is designed for seamless integration, with the flexibility to operate independently or fully aligned with your HR, Occupational Health, and recruitment workflows.

What help can you provide to help organisations establish the service?

Our Managed Services team guides you through setup, ensuring a smooth rollout. They also assist with complex cases and provide regular reporting to demonstrate the impact of ClearTalents within your organisation.

How long are the reports?

ClearTalents reports are concise and modular, delivering only the essential information needed at each stage. Recruiters receive focused “mini-reports” for each application step.

Will we receive an overwhelming number of adjustment requests from candidates?

No, ClearTalents is designed to provide only the relevant details needed, empowering recruiters and to efficiently implementing the majority of accommodation easily and cost free. The process is streamlined and sensible, never feeling overwhelming or daunting.

We are a large employer with many different and varied stakeholders, how do we ensure that the right people get the right level of information?

During implementation, you set the reporting levels and access permissions to suit your organisational structure and needs. ClearTalents can advise on the optimal configuration to get the right information to the relevant stakeholders.

Is ClearTalents suitable for small employers?

Absolutely. The ClearTalents report provides everything small employers need to implement appropriate adjustments efficiently or directs you to the right resources. This saves time and money compared to starting from scratch on these legally required accommodations.

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