Do You Need Reasonable Adjustments During the Recruitment Process?

Yes, you need reasonable adjustments during the recruitment process to ensure that candidates with disabilities or specific needs have an equal and fair opportunity to showcase their qualifications and abilities. Which is all part of an inclusive recruitment process.

ClearTalents supports the recruitment team by advising it on the support the candidate needs and how to provide it.

In most instances these reasonable adjustments are free, meaning our digital solution can identify the right reasonable adjustments for every candidate, reducing the concern regarding cost. The tool supports every step of the recruitment process, from pre-application, interview, assessment and onboarding.

14.6 million disabled people in the UK, 21% of them are of working age

Tackle Unconscious Bias in Recruitment

We ensure an inclusive process by only disclosing an adjustment when needed, preventing unconscious bias in recruitment by shifting the focus from bias to candidates’ needs and adjustments and promoting fairness and inclusivity. 

36% of British adults report having experienced some form of discrimination in the workplace or when job hunting. HR News.

This approach recognises that everyone has unconscious biases, which result from natural cognitive processes and categorisation, that can lead to unfair judgments. By emphasising needed adjustments rather than impairments, our approach fosters a fair and equitable evaluation of candidates.

“More diverse companies, we believe, are better able to win top talent and improve their customer orientation, employee satisfaction, and decision making, and all that leads to a virtuous cycle of increasing returns,” McKinsey.

Navigating Inclusive Recruitment with ClearTalents

Our dashboard enables recruiters to view the progress of every candidate.

Proactively improve your recruitment approach through candidate feedback.

Widen your talent pool; Demonstrate a commitment to D&I; Enhance your brand reputation; Give candidates a better experience; Encourage a more diverse workforce; Create a more inclusive culture

Small changes make a big difference

We often advise on the small changes needed to make applying for a job with your organisation the best experience.

Our tool reports on the most requested adjustments to help influence your recruitment process and strategy.

It offers a simple process and generates a report for HR, managers, external agencies, and occupational health teams.

Glassdoor’s Diversity and Inclusion workplace survey found 76% of job seekers consider a diverse workforce important when evaluating companies and considering job offers