Recruit and retain a diverse workforce

Our mission is to ensure everyone can access

workplace adjustments so they can perform at their best.

How do you ensure your staff are as productive as they can be at work?

Making adjustments for staff’s circumstances and conditions helps to build an inclusive and productive working environment.

It is also a legal requirement under
The Equality Act 2010.

What if there was a simple tool to support you?

How does ClearTalents support workplace inclusion?

Our simple digital tool makes it easy for staff to self-disclose any reasonable adjustments they need in a structured, safe way.

It supports employers in making simple adjustments that:

Boost productivity,
Increase Loyalty,
Reduce staff turnover.

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How does ClearTalents Inclusion Passport work?

We’ve designed the profile around the nine protected characteristics of The Equality Act 2010.

Employees can identify the support they need by selecting statements they relate to in the passport.

They may need help with mental health, Mobility issues or Caring responsibilities. ClearTalents offers expert guidance to the employee and their manager so they can quickly implement reasonable adjustments.

Our Services

ClearTalents at Work

Ensure every employee has the support they need and become a truly inclusive employer.

Monitor the progress of every employee through our comprehensive dashboards.


ClearTalents in Recruitment

Ensure every candidate can shine through our inclusive recruitment process.

We automate the process of identifying suitable reasonable adjustments for every candidate from pre-application through sifting, interview, assessment, offer and onboarding.

ClearTalents OnDemand

Get a free ClearTalents profile and get the support you need to shine at work*

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