Recruit and retain a diverse workforce

Our mission is to ensure everyone can access

workplace adjustments so they can perform at their best.

ClearTalents identifies and overcomes the barriers employers face in recruiting and retaining diverse talent. Our simple digital tool is a one-stop-shop that allows employees to self-disclose any reasonable adjustments they need in a structured, safe way. It means employers can create an inclusive workplace for a diverse workforce (a legal requirement under The Equality Act 2010).  ClearTalents also helps employers overcome common barriers to embracing an inclusive workplace.



How does ClearTalents work?

ClearTalents captures employees’ needs through a simple Inclusion Passport.

We’ve designed the profile around the 9 protected characteristics listed under The Equality Act, 2010, to help ensure that you meet legal requirements. However, it also forms the basis of a digital passport where employees can document the support they need at work.

Our digital passport enables anyone to share a condition or circumstance that impacts them at work. For example, they may need support with their mental health, mobility issues or caring responsibilities. ClearTalents offers solutions to help employers make reasonable adjustments.


Shows the ClearTalents Tool presented on a desktop screen

Employees can update their passports as their circumstances change, enabling employers to track their needs and reasonable adjustments.


Benefits of using ClearTalents include:


  • A live diversity passport that employees can update as their circumstances change
  • Automatic alerts for employers when someone updates their diversity profile
  • Up to three profiles per employee to cover at home, in the office and hybrid working
  • Hints and tips for candidates, employees and employers


ClearTalents in the workplace

ClearTalents supports employees at work. We’ll help you unlock every employee’s potential by understanding the support they may need.


ClearTalents in Recruitment

Illustrative style. Two men shaking handsEnsure you get the best candidates by making reasonable adjustments during recruitment using our paid-for solution. The recruitment solution offers easy-to-implement, expert advice for the recruiter to ensure every candidate can perform on a level playing field.


There’s a built-in audit trail so the recruiter can document the support provided and what stage. Progressive disclosure prevents unconscious bias.


ClearTalents On Demand

ClearTalents can be used by organisations of any size free of charge for up to 50 users. Licenced versions are available to unlock additional users, dashboards and case management capabilities.


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An Award Winning Solution

We’re proud that our work has received recognition from HR and diversity leaders.

ClearTalents was selected as the winner of the 2020 Workplace Inclusion Award in the Tech4Good Awards organised by AbilityNet and BT.


At the RIDI Awards 2015. we won in three categories; the Employers Choice Award, the Reasonable Adjustments in Recruitment Award and the Technology for Inclusion Award. The judging panel included senior representatives from E.ON, Eversheds, the Civil Service and HMRC.


We were also delighted when we and CGI won the CIPD Health and Wellbeing Strategy Award’. Judges described it as ‘outstanding’.