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What is DEI Software?

Employers must legally (under the Equality Act 2010) be proactive in providing reasonable adjustments to employees and candidates to ensure everyone has the opportunity to perform at their best.

Via our platform, businesses are equipped with all the changes you are legally obliged to make and guidance on how and when to implement them.

The ClearTalents DEI tool informs all users about the protocol for dealing with differences through a continued commitment to accessibility and inclusivity.

The outcomes are:

  • An improved employee and candidate experience
  • Improved retention rates
  • Reduced absences 
  • Productivity and efficiency boosts
  • A more diverse workforce and inclusive culture
  • Enhanced employer brand
  • CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) adherence
  • Lower recruitment costs

Increase Productivity with our Workplace Adjustment Passports

ClearTalents’ Inclusion Passport, also referred to as a reasonable adjustment passport, increases productivity and supports workplace inclusion by enabling employees to bring their best, authentic selves to work. By thoughtfully and diligently adapting work environments to cater to everyone’s unique circumstances and conditions, ClearTalents strives to create an inclusive workplace ecosystem that champions individual and collective success.

Candidates and staff can safely and securely identify any reasonable adjustments they need in the workplace, by filling in a DEI workplace passport. We’ve designed the platform to help employees and candidates identify the specific support they need, while we guide workplaces to implement the most appropriate and consistent adjustments. 

Inclusion Passport

Build Inclusive Recruitment Practices

ClearTalents helps recruitment and HR teams – both in-house and outsourced – automate the process of identifying suitable reasonable adjustments for every candidate.

At every stage of recruitment, from pre-application screening and initial assessments to interviews and onboarding, we help recruiters proactively make reasonable changes to ensure every candidate has the best chance possible.

Inclusive Recruitment Practices
ClearTalents has been a brilliant resource enabling us to track and support colleagues with reasonable adjustments in a simple way. Ollie Thorn, Senior Manager, DE&I Solutions
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