Maryam used ClearTalents to discuss her cultural and religious requirements with her employers. She now feels more comfortable, better accommodated and understood.


ClearTalents made it easy for Dan to request an accessible parking bay at his different working locations.


With the arrival of a new baby, Stuart used ClearTalents to arrange flexible hours and paternity leave.


Claire used ClearTalents whilst applying for jobs; “I think it made all the difference for me. Employers knew about my needs and exactly how they could help me perform at my best.”


Sheila cares for Sam, her young disabled son. ClearTalents helped her say which times are best for calls or interviews.


When she became pregnant, ClearTalents helped Maria to agree her preferred working hours and ensure a safe workstation set up.


Using the information Katy had provided through ClearTalents, simple adjustments such as a headset and quiet environment were provided when she came in for an assessment.