Why inclusion should be at the heart of employee appraisals

The annual employee performance review is a great opportunity to connect with your employees.

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But, you need to put inclusion centre-stage when conducting employee reviews.

According to Gallup, only 29% of employees strongly agree that their performance reviews were fair. Companies with an inclusive culture are “twice as likely to meet or exceed financial targets” and eight times more likely “to achieve better business outcomes.”

One survey reveals female employees receive nearly 1.4 times more “personality-based” feedback compared to men, who tend to receive more work-related feedback.

In 81,000 performance evaluations, managers used more negative language for women, like selfish, inept, and aggressive, while naturally using positive language for men – e.g., analytical and competent.

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Employee appraisals are a potential source of stress

Employee reviews are a source of stress for your employees. According to YouGov, as many as 29% of employees report that their annual review is stressful.

Potential causes of stress include:

Employers may lack confidence in conducting reviews

A review could raise difficult topics. Employers may not feel confident addressing diversity issues for fear of getting it wrong.

ClearTalents lets employees and managers create an inclusion passport to safely and securely identify any reasonable adjustments they need.

Our questionnaire asks about preferred styles of communication, how people like to receive information in advance of a meeting and more.

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