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AbilityNet began using ClearTalents in 2018 to improve the process of identifying which employees needed an adjustment at work. The business had always recognised the value of offering reasonable adjustments to all employees and this was always positively communicated. However, the process was a manual one owned by individual line managers and each time an employee changed roles they would need to explain their individual needs again making it inconsistent and time consuming for both parties.

AbilityNet wanted to enable employees to record details of their circumstances that impacted their ability to work at their best in a consistent and straightforward way.

ClearTalents online DEI software automates and improves the process of identifying people’s reasonable adjustment needs by inviting every employee to build a diversity profile of themselves. A report is generated that outlines the adjustments that would help based on the information submitted. If the employee’s line manager changes they can access the profile to understand the best way in which they manage talent, both parties realise the benefits.


All new joiners are invited to complete a profile and each employee reviews their profile annually or updates it if their circumstances change. ClearTalents has implemented a consistent process where all information is held in one place and both employees and managers are up to date with key information and responsibilities. Since introducing ClearTalents in 2018 AbilityNet has seen the following benefits:

> Employee turnover has dropped significantly from 31% to 13%!
> Sick Leave Absence has more than halved!

Mairead Comerford, Head of HR at AbilityNet commented:

In the 3 years of using ClearTalents we have seen a huge improvement in our capability to manage reasonable adjustments transparently and effectively. It is now a positive process where an online questionnaire is completed by the employee and shared with their Line Manager and HR enabling us to agree the best working arrangements for each individual.

If the employee moves Manager, they have access to the profile and can easily understand the best way that team member works and what is required. As it is all automated and on one system everything is very easy to find.