Maryam used ClearTalents to discuss her cultural and religious requirements with her employers. She now feels more comfortable, better accommodated and understood.


Katrina had been getting headaches and found she had to really concentrate on what people were saying, especially in a noisy environment. Taking a quick hearing check confirmed she had a slight hearing loss. Her ClearTalents report recommended simple changes such as a headset for being on the phone and a quieter environment to work in.


With the arrival of a new baby, Stuart used ClearTalents to arrange flexible hours and paternity leave.


English isn’t Meena’s first language, but ClearTalents helped find a solution. She now gets important information in her own language and can perform better in her tasks.


With a quick online check, ClearTalents helped Clayton to discover he has dyslexia and his report helped him get the adjustments he needed to address his challenges with reading, spelling and organisation at work.