Short term working from home is about employee well-being

ClearTalents provides a platform dedicated to employee needs – insights and step by step action plans for managers and self help resources for employees to ensure everyone gets the support they need.

Understand employee needs

The COVID-19 pandemic is changing the way we work and it puts our workforce into a delicate context.


Now, more than ever, employers need to assist their employees to help them adjust to the new situation.


Clear Talents is an improvement framework: it delivers valuable insights into the employees needs, reasonable adjustments action plans for managers and self help tools for employees.

Getting the answers you need

With schools closed and everyone confined indoors, working from home may be a tough nut to crack. As an employer it’s essential to understand the situations your colleagues are dealing with.


A ClearTalents profile makes it easy: you’ll get the information you need to understand the specific needs of each employee so you can support everyone.

We created a guide to working from home

To help employers and employees create an optimal working environment at home we have created a free hints and tips guide.


Download it and share it with your colleagues.


Let's talk more about this

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