Making reasonable adjustments straightforward

Realise the value of reasonable adjustments

Providing reasonable adjustments in the workplace helps employees to perform at their best-improving productivity, engagement, retention as well as legal compliance.
ClearTalents online application provides organisations with an efficient process for enabling employees to identify, request and then track reasonable adjustments through to completion.
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Make it easy for employees

By enabling a secure self-service approach allowing employees to identify any barriers preventing them from performing at their best. The application prompts individuals to think about all aspects of how they interact with their working environment. These include life circumstances such as age, gender, culture, mental health, disability or impairment as well as issues related to their workstation and working environment

Empower your line managers

Empowering line managers is the key to efficient implementation of reasonable adjustments. ClearTalents At Work explains the background to areas identified by their staff and clearly sets out the steps to implement any reasonable adjustments agreed. This information is provided at the point a line manager needs it reducing the need for costly training courses.

Manage the process

  • Reminders are sent to employees and line managers when required ensuring the process is completed in a timely manner. Visual dashboards and downloadable reports enable HR teams to identify and address areas of concern rapidly and manage the overall process.
  • Built-in option for referral to internal and external resources where additional knowledge and experience is required.

Know your organisation

  • Comprehensive reporting on different types of adjustments provides a whole view of the organisation’s needs. It also enables the organisation to identify specific areas for improvement.
  • The built-in audit log provides the evidence you need to support your case in the event of a tribunal.

How it works

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Use the button below to request a link to our demo video of the ClearTalents tool in use. You’ll also receive information about license options for your organisation. As soon as your license is activated you can invite every employee in your organisation to create a ClearTalents profile which will identify their unique requirements. Employees will receive a self-help summary full of guidance and support. At the same time their manager will receive easy-to-use reports about workplace adjustments that can help staff achieve their full potential. HR can access the wellbeing and diversity data of their organisation. This will enable discussions about further enhancements that could be made by your organisation.

Why use ClearTalents?

  • The ClearTalents solution is a licensed online service used by organisations including CGI, HS2 and Lloyds of London.
  • The ClearTalents tool has become the standard for inclusive recruitment across the UK and is recommended in the talent supply chain of several organisations.
  • In recent years the Clear Company has won 3 RIDI awards for Employer’s Choice, Technology for Inclusion and Reasonable Adjustments in Recruitment.
  • Download our Quick Impact and Savings Guide (PDF) for typical examples of the impact and ROI experienced by organisations that have implemented ClearTalents across their recruitment and HR processes.