Everyone deserves an equal chance to shine. Every company benefits from a diverse workforce.

Bridging the gap to compliance

It’s the law to put reasonable adjustments in place in order that your employees and job applicants have an equal opportunity to shine. The challenge facing most employers is knowing what steps to take to be compliant, effective and confident in managing those adjustments in recruitment and the workplace.

  • What do we need to ask and when?
  • How do we ask in the right way?
  • Are there things we’re not allowed to ask?
  • Will we know what to do when people tell us their needs?
  • How will we know if it’s a reasonable request?
  • Will we manage it well if things go wrong?

Most employers are aware that they are non-compliant, reactive and at risk, but aren’t sure how to bridge the gap to a best-practice approach.

A bridge to compliance exists.

An effective diversity management solution is available and straightforward to implement.

Recruitment Industry Disability Initiative

An Award-Winning Solution

A judging panel including senior representatives from E.ON, Eversheds, the Civil Service and HMRC, selected ClearTalents for Awards at the RIDI Awards 2015. ClearTalents won in three categories; the Employers Choice Award, the Reasonable Adjustments in Recruitment Award and the Technology for Inclusion Award.

The judges felt that ClearTalents represented a new approach to making adjustments in recruitment and were particularly impressed with results that showed disclosure levels going from less than 5% to 65% and sickness absence rates dropping by nearly 50% in a single year.

Read more about ClearTalents at the RIDI Awards

The facts about the UK talent pool

Embracing diversity means you’re able to get the right person for the role and bring breadth to your workforce.

  • 12m people have a disability – over half of working age
  • 6m people have dyslexia
  • 2m people have a different first language than English
  • 6.4m people have caring responsibilities as well as work commitments

Protected by the Equality Act, these people together represent over 70% of the available workforce of UK PLC.
You are undoubtedly employing many of them at all levels of your organisation today, with applications from many more talented candidates arriving tomorrow.

Our Services


Identify the right candidate and increase diversity of hire
ClearTalents integrates with your recruitment processes. Find the right person for the job and reduce legal risks.
ClearTalents In Recruitment


Unlock the potential of every employee across your organisation.
Integrate ClearTalents into existing HR processes. Empower managers, improve productivity and ensure compliance.
ClearTalents At Work


Create a quick diversity profile and let work know what changes you need.
ClearTalents can be used free of charge by organisations of any size – with licenced versions available to unlock MI and case management capabilities
ClearTalents On Demand

Benefits of using ClearTalents

  • Create a more diverse and inclusive culture for all employees
  • Increase wellbeing, retention and productivity
  • Reduced sickness absence
  • Comply with legal requirements (Equality Act and DSE)
  • Access to specialist expertise
  • Enhance employer brand and reputation

“ClearTalents has given us the tools we need to make Reasonable Adjustments as well as the data I need to accelerate our Diversity and Inclusion Strategies.”
Ann, Senior Wellbeing
CGI: 70,000 employees worldwide

How can I find out more?

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