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We know it’s your policy to care for colleagues and your customers.

But how do you take care of everyone’s unique needs?

ClearTalents is a simple digital tool that empowers everyone to bring their best, authentic selves to work.


Our tool helps create an inclusive workplace, reduce sickness absence, and avoid workplace conflict and tribunals.


ClearTalents has enabled Lloyds to proactively manage requests for workplace adjustments. It is a cost-effective tool for managing both DSE and workplace-related adjustments. Mark Lomas Grinyer, head of culture, Lloyds. Picture of Mark Lomas Grinyer.

1. Retain staff and create an inclusive workplace culture

Over half of senior executives in the insurance sector cite acquisition and retention challenges as the biggest barriers to growth (PwC).

34% of insurance employees want to leave their current firm.

Clients have proven success in reducing employee turnover by implementing our digital inclusion passport.

2. Reduce sickness absence by 50%

ClearTalents helps to shape a healthier workplace dialogue.

Our tool empowers employees to self-disclose disabilities, conditions and circumstances that impact them in the workplace. ClearTalents creates a safe space where employees can share concerns.

Our tool supports individuals by preventing situations that can often lead to absence, such as anxiety. Most of the recommended workplace adjustments are free and simple to implement.

3. Improved mental health and productivity

Better mental health support in the workplace can save UK businesses up to £8 billion annually.

However, one in five UK workers would not disclose stress or mental health issues to their manager.

ClearTalents is proven to start conversations about workplace mental health to support staff and maintain workplace productivity. It is one of the most-used aspects of our tool.

Benefits of ClearTalents

  • Boost staff retention by up to 18%
  • Reduce sickness absence by 50%
  • Implement a workplace adjustment process
  • Prevent compromise agreements and staff tribunals
  • Attract new talent as an inclusive brand
  • D&I reporting to influence strategies

Try before you buy – up to 25 employees

Find out how ClearTalents can boost inclusion in your workplace.

Our special offer allows you to try our inclusion passport for up to 25 staff. The tool guides managers on how to make simple workplace adjustments.


Plus, we’ll provide data so you can see first-hand how we can impact retention, reduce sickness absence and more.


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