It is estimated that 10% of the adult population lives with dyslexia or a similar condition which affects their ability to read, write or deal with numbers.

This can have a dramatic effect on children’s academic achievements and can continue to affect performance in the workplace.

There are many ways of dealing with dyslexia in the workplace – from changing screen colours to using different fonts and using the latest spellcheckers. Employers and managers may be very happy to help but many people do not get the help they need because they don’t want to admit that they are having diificulties – or they may not even have realsied the impact dyslexia is having.

How can ClearTalents help people with dyslexia?

ClearTalents focuses on the practical solutions that help you achieve your fiull potential. It doesn’t use labels or require people to tke tests to ‘prove’ their dyslexia. It is based on a series of questions devised by our experts, that ask about day to day communciations issues and how you prefer to work.

For example it may reveal that you need more time when analysing numbers in a spreadsheet, or that you prefer not to read long reports.

The solutions may be very simple and are often built into the computer you are already using. Changing the screen colour, for example, or increaisng the font size helps when reading from the screen. Spending a few minutes setting up your spellchecker to cathc your most common mispellings can save lots of time and effort. And using the built in dictation tools can make it much easier to get your thoughts down on paper before trying to deal with spellings and document structure.

Where do I start?

Creating a ClearTalents profile helps to identify the day to day issues you face in the workplace. You decide how much you want to share – you don’t have to tick boxes that label you.

ClearTalents then produces a report full of practical tips for managers and HR specialist to help them make the adjustments that will help you.

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