ClearTalents OnDemand

Up to ten employees can trial ClearTalents for free
to get the support to shine at work.

Your employees can claim a free
ClearTalents Profile OnDemand.

ClearTalents is a free and easy way for employees to receive the support they need to perform their best.

They can quickly create and share a free diversity profile.

The inclusion passport gives them expert advice across various areas, including age, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation and disability, including tips on changes they can make to enhance the ay they work.

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How does ClearTalents OnDemand work?

Four sequential steps left to right. Text reads: 1. Up to 10 employees create a free inclusion passport; 2. Every employee gets a self-help report that explains the changes they can make to the way they work; 3. The manager meets with a team member to agree the changes they can provide; 4. The manager and employee document the actions taken so there's an audit trai

How much does ClearTalents OnDemand cost?

ClearTalents On Demand is free to use for up to 10 employees and/or managers in any organisation.

To upgrade for access to the full dashboard and features to inform your HR and diversity strategies contact us.

We offer flexible, scalable pricing plans.

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Winner of the 2020Workplace Inclusion Awards in the Tech4Good Awards; CIPD Health and Wellbeing Strategy Award, multiple RIDI Awards, including the Employers' Choice Award, judges described it as outstanding