How do you ensure your staff are as productive as they can be at work?

Making adjustments for your staff’s circumstances and conditions removes barriers and will help build an inclusive working environment.

But their needs won’t always be obvious.

What if there was a simple digital tool that helped employees tell you about these challenges?

80% of disabilities are hidden. 1 in 8 adults are carers. 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health condition.

Increase employee retention using our digital inclusion passport

Imagine a world where there’s an easy way for your staff to tell you about their well-being at work

And, where you could make simple adjustments that would:

  • boost productivity,
  • increase loyalty,
  • reduce staff turnover
Our inclusion passport helps employees disclose disabilities, diversity and lifestyle factors.

Time to focus on staff retention

Almost one-fifth of UK workers plan to leave their current employer in the next 12 months.

The cost of filling a vacancy, including labour costs, is £6,125.

Lost knowledge and disruption are harder to quantify.

We've created a simple tool which supports a diverse workforce to express their needs, help employers make simple adjustments and cultivate a more inclusive workplace.

Benefits of ClearTalents

  • Boost staff retention
  • An inclusion passport for every employee
  • Easily monitor every employee’s needs
  • Track reasonable adjustments
  • D&I reporting across your organisation
  • Attract new talent as an inclusive brand