The Inclusion Passport: Championing Individuality 

At the core of our platform lies the Inclusion Passport, a personalised profile that empowers employees to communicate their specific circumstances transparently. This powerful tool facilitates an open dialogue, enabling organisations to proactively implement suitable adjustments (the majority are free and easy to implement) that allow each team member to bring their authentic self to the workplace, maximising their potential.

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Unlocking a Multitude of Benefits

Organisations can expect to experience:

  • An elevated employee experience fostering belonging
  • Improved talent retention and reduced absenteeism 
  • Heightened productivity and operational efficiency
  • A richly diverse workforce reflecting societal demographics
  • An enhanced employer brand attracting top talent
  • Robust compliance to the Equality Act and corporate social responsibility standards 
  • Optimised recruitment processes and reduced hiring costs

How Much Could You Save?

To help organisations see the potential return on investing in our DEI platform, we provide a user-friendly ROI calculator. Simply input key details about your company’s current demographics, recruitment costs, retention rates and more to get a customised estimate of the cost savings and efficiency gains you could realise.

Comprehensive DEI Analytics and Reporting

Gaining visibility into your DEI efforts is crucial for measuring progress and identifying areas for improvement. Our platform delivers robust analytics through an intuitive dashboard that consolidates insightful DEI metrics and trends across your workforce. Monitor accommodation requests, analyse employee engagement and more.

Case study

Major UK Insurer

Discover how our workplace adjustment passport empowered this UK insurer to effectively manage their hybrid workforce and ensure a comfortable and compliant working environment for all employees.

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