Use D&I Analytics to Unlock Business Benefits

ClearTalents’ powerful DEI software analytics and user-friendly dashboards put data-driven insights at your fingertips. We firmly believe that the numbers can tell the true story of how effective your DEI workplace adjustments, policies, hiring strategies, and organisational approach ‌are.

With clear visualisations and tangible, useful DEI metrics, you can identify areas for improvement in terms of knowledge and policies, monitor progress, and take strategic action to foster a more diverse, equitable workplace.

ClearTalents’ diversity and inclusion software provides a unified, baseline understanding of how the organisation is performing. D&I data tells you how your organisation is doing in terms of your own company programmes, practices, and ‌regulatory compliance.

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At a more granular level, you can view data including (but not limited to) the below to inform and guide your DE&I efforts going forward.

  • The number of employees who have shared their D&I information
  • Users who have (and who have not) completed a reasonable workplace adjustment passport
  • Segmented profile statistics related to workstation adjustments for the home or office setting and diversity requirements
  • All equipment assigned to staff
  • Identify which profiles are completed, in progress, awaiting action, or require third-party intervention
  • Easily identify the types of workplace adjustments that are completed quickly versus the adjustments that are not, to improve processes and response times across the organisation
  • Review metrics based on the severity of the profile, for example, ‘minor’, ‘moderate’, or ‘substantive’
  • Easily view the actions required at an adjustment level to ensure everyone receives the support they need in a timely manner

With this D&I data consolidated in one secure platform, ClearTalents eliminates the need to manually consolidate separate spreadsheets and reduces the risk of a data breach associated with storing data in this way. D&I metrics can then be leveraged to help organisations in several functions that help improve employee engagement and retention (for example, looking at turnover rates by gender, ethnicity, disability status and other characteristics.)

Using ClearTalents’ case management capability, managers can easily identify what adjustments have been provided and what is required or overdue. On the rare occasion where an adjustment is declined, there is a built-in escalation process to ensure that the D&I team are requested to review that decision to ensure it is aligned with the organisation’s policies.

ClearTalents has been a brilliant resource enabling us to track and support colleagues with reasonable adjustments in a simple way. Ollie Thorn, Senior Manager, DE&I Solutions

Why You Need Intuitive D&I Dashboards

The ClearTalents DE&I dashboard translates your workplace adjustment data and analytics into intuitive data visualisations that tell each workplace adjustment D&I story at a glance.

Clear and clutter-free charts, graphs and tables can depict information in a way that emphatically tells employers what areas the organisation is excelling in and what needs improving as far as their DEI strategy is concerned.

Dashboards are an easy-to-understand solution for stakeholders to make the necessary changes to policies and initiatives to inspire better and more inclusive employee retention.

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ClearTalents’ software identifies the top 10 inclusion adjustment requests for your organisation, so you can prioritise the most pressing adjustments for your staff.

These adjustment insights also include average costs (if applicable), so you can easily identify the often minimal budget required, although most workplace adjustments are free.

With this clear line of sight into your DEI analytics, both HR and business leaders can quickly identify workplace adjustment gaps, understand the root causes through data segmentation, and track the results of D&I initiatives over time.

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Take Your DEI Strategy to New Heights

To get the most out of ClearTalents’ DE&I analytics and dashboards, it’s important to focus on a few key metrics that align with your organisation’s goals. Regularly review the metrics that matter most to ensure they are still relevant.

When integrated with incumbent systems and processes, ClearTalents DEI data can empower organisations to turn D&I into a key competitive advantage rather than an aspiration.  Our user-friendly and intuitive DEI dashboards ensure a consistent and comprehensive workplace adjustment process organisation-wide. These dashboards condense the important data that matters to make the following ongoing tasks easier for organisations:

  • Attract and hire diverse, high-quality talent
  • Identify and remove unconscious biases in HR processes
  • Foster an authentically inclusive workplace culture
  • Improve engagement and retain underrepresented groups
  • Share D&I progress transparently with stakeholders
  • Meet compliance and external D&I reporting needs
  • Increase attendance and productivity

Reduce the significant cost and time required in staff tribunals and compromise agreements. (Our data shows that when using ClearTalents, these types of situations significantly reduce, with many of our clients reporting zero such incidents within 12 months after a ClearTalents solution has been established.)

By measuring what matters in diversity and inclusion, you can drive real change and foster belonging in your workplace. Request a free ClearTalents demo today to see the full capabilities of our D&I analytics and dashboard platform.

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