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Making reasonable workplace adjustments shouldn’t be hard work

As a ClearAssured member, you’ve committed to creating an inclusive work environment.

However, it can be tough to know precisely what your employees need.


What if there was a simple digital tool that helped employees tell you about their challenges and you how to solve them?

Exclusive discounted member rate

Imagine a world where there’s an easy way for your staff to tell you about their well-being at work

And where you could make simple adjustments that would:

  • boost productivity,
  • increase loyalty,
  • reduce staff turnover

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Includes free online consultation

Almost one-fifth of UK workers plan to leave their current employer in the next 12 months.


The cost of filling a vacancy, including labour costs, is £6,125.


Lost knowledge and disruption are harder to quantify.

Benefits of ClearTalents

  • Boost staff retention
  • An inclusion passport for every employee
  • Easily monitor every employee’s needs
  • Track reasonable adjustments
  • D&I reporting across your organisation
  • Attract new talent as an inclusive brand