Increase Productivity While Fostering an Inclusive Work Environment

ClearTalents’ Inclusion Passport, also referred to as a workplace adjustment passport, increases productivity by enabling everyone to bring their best, authentic selves to work. Employees can safely and securely identify any reasonable adjustments they need in the workplace.

Workplace Adjustment Passport

A reasonable adjustment passport ensures your organisation complies with The Equality Act 2010, which states that making reasonable adjustments for disabled employees is a legal requirement.

What are reasonable workplace adjustments?

A ‘reasonable adjustment’ is a change an employer must make to remove or reduce a disadvantage related to an employee’s disability.

For example, an individual with arthritis may need an alternative mouse or voice dictation software.

ClearTalents includes built-in tips and guidance for employers.

The Benefits of ClearTalents’ Inclusion Passport

With ClearTalents, employees can self-disclose about how any circumstance or condition impacts them and identify the reasonable adjustments they need. We tailor our guidance to adhere to the organisations’ policies and processes, as well as meet with clients quarterly to review adjustments and strategies in place, enabling them to influence practices, processes and training.


Employees can update their profiles at any time to get the support at work they need. HR managers can monitor the progress of every case through our HR dashboards. This includes seeing how many profiles have been completed so you can easily view the status of these profiles and analyse what needs to be done to progress.

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Open conversations for more inclusion in the workplace

ClearTalents enables an open dialogue about circumstances, conditions and disabilities that may impact your staff. 

We know there are barriers to disclosing diversity at work.

Employees may be reluctant to discuss ‘taboo’ topics such as mental ill-health or menopause. By enabling an open conversation, ClearTalents ensures employers remove those barriers.

A flexible, scalable solution for an inclusive workplace

Employees can create up to three passports, perfect for inclusive, office and at-home working.

Each profile captures elements such as in-person and online communication.

For example, if people feel stressed or anxious while communicating, ClearTalents suggests adjustments such as providing written information, which the employee can tick.

Compliance with legislation empowered by ClearTalents

By law, employers must complete a Display Screen Equipment check, which is why we include it in our passports. Our workstation reasonable adjustment passport covers both home and office environments, ensuring an environment of support at work.

So, as well as creating an inclusive workplace, you’ll also be legally compliant.

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