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Making a more diverse and inclusive workplace

Enjoy improved retention, productivity, legal compliance and reduced sickness absence

How do you make sure you proactively support your employees in the workplace and ensure they have the opportunity to perform at their best?

Employers frequently react ‘after the event’ to issues highlighted by individual employees. ClearTalents addresses this high risk, low performance position and replaces it with a best practice approach.

An effective and compliant framework for workplace adjustments

ClearTalents is an easy-to-use, secure and scalable online solution that compliments your existing internal HR processes and IT systems.

It automates the process of identifying the right reasonable adjustments for every employee, helping you maximise the diversity of your workforce across all nine of the legally-protected characteristics.

Once managers have a clear profile of the specific needs of their individual team members, ClearTalents then gives them the resources and expertise to make the necessary adjustments, providing a legally ‘watertight’, end-to-end process to ensure your employees are not disadvantaged in the workplace.

ClearTalents wins RIDI Employers’ Choice Award

Recruitment Industry Disability InitiativeThe Employers’ Choice Award was one of three categories that ClearTalents won at the RIDI Awards 2015.

A judging panel including senior representatives from E.ON, Eversheds, the Civil Service and HMRC, picked out ClearTalents as an embedded solution that provides a helicopter view of an organisation’s health and wellbeing. Disclosure levels increased from less than 5% to 65%, adjustments in recruitment and at work are being confidently addressed and sickness absence rates have dropped by nearly 50% in a single year.

Read more about ClearTalents at the RIDI Awards

Based upon our unmatched market research

Involving 1/1 interviews with 220 employers across the UK, the development of ClearTalents is based upon the findings from extensive research aimed at identifying the challenges associated with the recruitment and retention of disabled talent.

Fear, lack of confidence, lack of knowledge and not knowing where to go for help were the key barriers identified from the employer perspective. Read more about ClearTalents and its unique best-practice approach.

How it works

Step 1

Purchase a ClearTalents licence and invite your employees to create a profile

Step 2

Employees complete their profile which can include a full DSE process

Step 3

ClearTalents creates a report for the employee and Line Manager containing expert guidance on all stages of the reasonable adjustment process

Step 4

View the wellbeing and diversity data of your entire organisation

Cost, impact and savings

There is a very significant impact and return on investment (ROI) associated with implementing ClearTalents across your recruitment and HR processes. ClearTalents is a licenced online service and pricing depends upon the size of your organisation.

Please download our Quick Impact and Savings Guide (PDF) for typical examples of the impact and ROI experienced by organisations that have implemented ClearTalents.

How can I find out more?

For a demonstration of ClearTalents please contact us

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