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Key challenges to compliance


Developed by leading diversity experts and based upon extensive market research, ClearTalents is a unique solution that meets the challenges associated with recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce.

There are three main challenges in reasonable adjustment provision:

Getting people to share information about their personal circumstances

Encouraging disclosure is often against a backdrop of lack of trust. The law places the responsibility on the employer so the days of ‘they did not tell us so what can we do’ no longer apply.

Being confident in your response

Having confidence and competence when responding to information and adjustment requests – almost always reactive and often last minute. The law says that last minute is no excuse for a compromised solution.

Making it scalable and manageable

Having compliant processes that work at scale – in large organisations with thousands of employees and recruiters with tens of thousands of applications, employers who have been proactive are reducing their messaging as they cannot cope with the requests, making them vulnerable in terms of the law.

The law

The Equality Act 2010 is very clear; it says that employers should proactively plan and prepare for reasonable adjustments, both for employees within work and for candidates throughout each stage of the recruitment process.

Anyone with requirements under the nine areas of protected characteristics have the right to these reasonable adjustments and should not face barriers to attaining or retaining employment resulting from shortcomings in recruitment or in-work processes.

This means that, for those employers seeking to increase the diversity of their workforce, a proactive and holistic adjustment provision covering all protected areas, combined with a high level of disability confidence, are the cornerstones of creating an inclusive and positive candidate and employee experience.

Researching a best practice approach

Conducted by The Clear Company over a two-year period, ClearTalents is based upon findings from research aimed at identifying and overcoming the barriers that employers face in the recruitment and retention of diverse talent.

The research comprised facilitated discussions with 220 employers in the form of 1/1 day workshops across England and Wales.

The barriers

The key barriers the research identified faced by employers and recruiters were:

  • Fear – fear of getting it wrong
  • Lack of confidence – not knowing what to ask and how
  • Lack of knowledge – not knowing what to do when someone discloses a need
  • Lack of guidance – not knowing where to go for help.

The solutions

A set of solutions that address these challenges and legal imperatives were identified in the research and developed with the expert input of partners including leading global law firm DWF and technology charity AbilityNet. They are:

  • ClearTalents: a ‘one stop shop’ for reasonable adjustment guidance and provision in recruitment and in the workplace
  • ClearKit: A comprehensive tool kit for the recruitment and retention of disabled talent
  • ClearAssured: Greater accountability by employers and their talent suppliers via an agreed framework
  • ClearExpertise: An online advice centre that puts employers in touch with leading diversity experts

The solutions at work

  • ClearTalents is now being used to manage diversity of staff and hires by organisations including HS2, Eversheds, Lloyds of London and The Parliamentary Health and Safety Ombudsman.
  • ClearKit now has Circa 3000 employers accessing the resource and over 200 employers completed the ClearAssured assessment Analysis.
  • ClearAssured has become THE STANDARD for inclusive recruitment across the UK and is mandated in the talent supply chain of organisations such as E.ON and Eversheds.
  • ClearExpertise – in the last 6 years, over 90% of all questions to experts are around reasonable adjustments; how, what, when and who for. In an on-going programme of expert panel events across the UK, reasonable adjustments has also been the topic of the first question every time.

How can I find out more?

For a demonstration of ClearTalents or to arrange a preliminary trial, please contact us.

Find out more about the full Clear suite of products and how they form a comprehensive, best-practice approach to diversity.

The expertise behind ClearTalents

ClearTalents has been developed with the combined expertise of three market-leading organisations.

The Clear Company: Unrivalled diversity and recruitment expertise

Nationally-recognised award-winning experts in diversity auditing, advice and advocacy across all sectors, The Clear Company works extensively with government & business in developing inclusive recruitment and HR best practice.

“The outcome provided a great platform for Lloyd’s to not only correct and create much improved processes, but also in up-skilling the business leaders and hiring communities in being much more inclusive in both their actions and their thinking … I enjoy the trusted partnership with the Clear Company and look forward to continuing to grow and learn under their expertise and knowledge.”

Paul Awcock, Head of Talent Sourcing, Lloyd’s

AbilityNet: Leading disability and workplace assessment expertise

AbilityNet is the UK’s leading technology and disability charity. It exists to change the lives of disabled people by helping them to use digital technology at work, at home and in education.

ClearTalents was developed to include a wide range of embedded expertise around assistive technology, customising existing equipment and evaluating and recommending reasonable adjustments for candidates and employees with dyslexia, disabilities or impairments. This includes the award-winning online resource, also embedded within the ClearTalents solution; My Computer My Way is a unique guide to the many adjustments that can make a computer, laptop, tablet and smartphone easier to use.

Through ClearTalents, recruiters and managers are able to request an AbilityNet ergonomic/assistive technology workplace assessment. After receiving central budget approval, AbilityNet delivers the assessment and report/equipment quotation within 10 working days – and at a fraction of the cost of Access to Work providers. This service is optional.

DWF LLP: Legal compliance expertise

With the aim of ensuring complete compliance of the ClearTalents solutions, DWF was commissioned to review all automated recommendations, guidance and resources provided by ClearTalents to employers and recruiters.

DWF is a multinational law firm headquartered in the UK, with 30 offices across the world. Currently employing around 3,000 staff, DWF is the 19th-largest law firm in the UK measured by revenues and advises national and multinational corporations, financial institutions and governments.

DWF is based in the walkie talkie building in the City of LondonDWF has been ranked the 10th overall most innovative legal business in Europe in the 2017 Financial Times Most Innovative Lawyers Report, and scored highest of all firms in Europe for innovation in the business of law.

The law firm is renowned for its expertise in corporate banking, insurance and litigation, financial services, technology and transport. Clients of the firm include major household names and FTSE 100-listed companies such as Adidas, Aviva, Barclays, Expedia, Marks & Spencer and RBS.

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